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June 2023 Update

We’re back with some truly exciting news to share with you all. Get ready for stories of buzzing bees, transformative teamwork, and the powerful impact of our community’s dedication. From the first honey harvest to monumental milestones in our ongoing projects, we can’t wait to dive into these memorable moments with you. HONEY HARVEST AT TEMBE’S PATCH

We are buzzing with excitement to share a sweet update from Tembe’s Patch in KwaZulu-Natal. For the first time, we have harvested honey from our hives! This has been a long-anticipated event, and we are thrilled with the results. With Tembe expertly handling the smoker, we carefully removed the frames from the hive, released the wax, and then placed the frames in the extractor to spin out the honey. The process was smooth, and the outcome exceeded our expectations.

The honey business has been in our plans since before the pandemic, and to finally witness it come to fruition is truly exhilarating. Not only is this a milestone in the development of Tembe’s Patch, but it also marks the growth of a sustainable business venture that can contribute to our community’s economic resilience. We are super excited to watch this endeavor grow, and we hope to share more updates as we continue to explore the sweet possibilities this new venture offers. From hive to jar, this is just the beginning of our honey journey. Stay tuned!


A little over a month ago, we received a much-anticipated shipping container sent by our friends at Master Provisions. We have been looking forward to its transformation into a vibrant learning space, and the excitement only grew as we welcomed a team from Master Provisions.

Braving a rainy Johannesburg day that kept the children indoors, they undertook essential work at Kya Sand. They helped in classrooms, replaced a broken-down fence and gave it a fresh coat of paint, repaired storm-damaged garden shading. They also found time to engage with the students through dance parties, bubbles and storytelling, praying for Elizabeth and the school before leaving.

Midweek, they travelled to Kwa-Zulu Natal, where the shipping container was onsite. Deli and the preschoolers couldn’t hide their anticipation for the team’s arrival and the transformation of the container. Over the span of three days, the group painted the container and adorned it with educational components and bible verses, often choosing to work through their lunch breaks. All that work didn’t keep them from connecting with the kids; lots of hugs were given.

After attending a service at Grace Family Church in Umhlanga on Mother’s Day and connecting with locals who assist with the shipping containers, they also enjoyed a game drive at Springbok Lodge, soaking in the beautiful sunset, stars, and an early sunrise. Although giraffes and elephants were notably absent, they were treated to sights of cheetahs, lions, zebras, hippos, and for the fortunate ones, rhinos.

This dedicated team of 12 served with all their hearts, using their unique skills to contribute and inspire. We are profoundly grateful for their contributions and look forward to the lasting impact of their work.


We welcomed a delightful group of people from Crossroads who accomplished so much in just a few days. They were a hardworking crew that divided and conquered and worked alongside some local community contractors. Rather than starting from scratch and painting over Jodi George’s glorious mural, they restored it to its original beauty. A few of the guys took on the toilet project and built a beautiful, sturdy structure so the kids (and teachers) could use the toilets again. Others cleaned out a very dirty garage over at Waterfall Primary School and painted it, making it look clean and organized, having the added benefit of helping us build our relationship with the new principal.

Some removed rust from the containers and put a protective oxide coating down to help prevent future rusting, spending quite a bit of time on the roof. They got another side of the container prepped for another team to paint a new mural later this year - a humble project, knowing they wouldn’t get to do it themselves. Another team harvested cabbage from the garden, pruned, and planted many new seedlings.

They spent a day packing 55 boxes of meal kits with Rise Against Hunger! But above all else, this group loved the kids SO well. There were many dance parties, stories read, high fives given, games played and hugs shared. At the end of the week, they hit the jackpot at Thula Thula, seeing so many elephants, giraffes, zebras, hippos, rhinos and countless impalas, inyalas and kudus. (They also hit our little market hard and bought quite a lot of goodies! Thank you!)


Did you know Build the Future is 100% funded by donations? Additionally, our board is 100% run by volunteers. As we continue to grow and build new schools, we are seeking to increase our donor base to match that growth. We believe the best is yet to come, we’re just getting started and we want you to be a part of that! None of what we do is possible without the generosity of individuals like yourself.

As you head into summer, we’re asking you to consider signing up to be a monthly donor. $35 feeds and educates a child, $100 sponsors a groundskeeper or a cook, $200 sponsors a teacher and $1000 sponsors an entire school! Sign up at to get started now!

We look forward to bringing you more updates as we continue to forge ahead on this exciting journey. Stay with us as we keep building, growing, and cherishing every step of the way. Until next time, stay safe and inspired!

Phillip, Clive & Baylee

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