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Year End 2023 Updates

As we reflect on 2023, we are humbled and honored by all of the incredible work you made possible.


Over the week of Thanksgiving, we hosted our final team of the year. The team graciously split into three groups as we worked to quite literally divide and conquer to wrap up some final projects for the year. With the team’s help, we made some significant improvements and fulfilled some commitments throughout Ndwedwe.

Tembe’s Patch looks cleaner than ever, and the fence is finally protecting those precious chilis. The dam is overflowing with water for the community. We were able to fulfill our commitment to Faya by building him an office that will also serve as a community center. Last but certainly not least, we celebrated an incredible year of learning and growth in Ndwedwe with an epic end-of-the-year party made possible by the generosity of a very special family.


Our first-ever Build the Future fundraiser was on December 7th, which was truly an unforgettable night. Nearly 300 people attended, 400 market items were purchased, and 450 bids were placed. Collectively, we reached $68,000 in one-time gifts and $480 in monthly commitments. To say we are grateful for all the support and generosity is a vast understatement. If you played any part in the grand success of the evening, please know it did not go unnoticed, and we appreciate the support beyond words. 

It’s nearly been two weeks, and we are still in awe. While all these numbers are wonderful and impressive, the love, energy, and stories that filled the room are what we hold closest to our hearts and will propel us into 2024.


Looking ahead, we are excited to announce that we will host this event again in 2024 – and it promises to be even bigger and better! If you would like to be a part of the team planning next year’s event, please feel free to reach out to us here. Your insights and involvement would be invaluable.

Aside from another event, what does 2024 look like? We’re so glad you asked! We break ground on Preschool #5 in Ndwedwe in January and are actively scouting for Preschool #6. With the additions of these schools, we will be adding another 80 children to the 280 children we are currently educating on a daily basis. We are sending 4 of our Kya Sand teachers off for additional training at Johannesburg College. We are adding additional beehives to the beekeeping project at Tembe’s. And we are launching our Build the Future Expeditions!


Our Expeditions are launching in May and we’d LOVE for you to join us. These trips are designed by us with YOU in mind. Everything we will be doing is tailored to the needs of both the people we serve and the people that come to serve. We’re ready and waiting to work hard and play hard, all that’s missing is you. Sign up TODAY to secure your spot:

May 11 - 21: JOBURG + DURBAN (sign-ups for this trip close Jan 10th)

July 20 - 28: DURBAN (Educators)

Aug 31 - Sep 8: DURBAN

This is a great opportunity to share Build the Future with someone in your life. If you’ve been impacted by Build the Future or serving in South Africa, we’re asking you to share these expeditions wide and far. Visit Build The Future Expeditions or message us with any questions you may have! 


We invite you to continue making a difference as we wrap up the year. There’s still time to support Build The Future in 2023. Please consider making a year-end gift or signing up as a monthly giver at Every contribution, big or small, propels us forward.

We see you, we appreciate you, and we are immensely grateful to have you in our Build The Future family. We truly believe we are better together, and it’s your support that allows us to grow and make a lasting impact.

Thank you once again for being an integral part of our journey.

And with that, we bid you adieu. From our family to yours, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

Phillip, Clive & Baylee

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