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August 2023 Update

As August unfolds, we bring you memories from Cincinnati, highlights of our recent team in Kya Sand, exciting glimpses into our upcoming fundraiser, and a preview of the transformative journeys awaiting in 2024. Let's dive into this month's vibrant blend of updates and announcements together. CINCINNATI CHRONICLES: MOMENTS, MEETINGS, AND MEMORIES

Cincinnati played host to our latest overseas adventure. It was a whirlwind journey where every moment felt fleeting but filled with purpose. For Phillip, the warmth of his very first American summer was a unique delight, while Clive yearned for the cozy embrace of familiar winter temperatures.

For Phillip and Baylee, a month felt more like a week, courtesy of a barrage of stimulating work meetings that have invigorated us about the direction we're taking in South Africa. Clive's arrival was perfectly timed for a transformative conference hosted by Crossroads Church that expanded our perspectives and enriched our souls.

Yet, amidst all the productivity and learning, the heart of our Cincinnati stay was reuniting with friends. The shared laughter, stories, and memories are treasures we hold dear, transcending all else.

And for those we missed in July, fret not! Excitement is in the air. We're gearing up for another rendezvous in December, and this time, we're bringing the vivacious Teresa Wetherill into the mix! So, if you haven't already, circle Thursday, December 7th, on your calendars. We're eager for more memories, and we hope to make them with you!


For the first time ever, we’re hosting our “Build the Future Fundraiser” — an evening that promises unforgettable moments, spirited bidding at our Silent Auction, and a chance to truly make a difference.

Date: Thursday, December 7th, 6:30-9pm Venue: The Ventura, Norwood

And as a special treat, alongside our Silent Auction, we’ll have a curated market of select handmade South African items. Perfect for those seeking unique, meaningful gifts just in time for the holiday season!

Every bid, every purchase, and every shared moment brings us one step closer to our vision. Dive into the festive spirit with us, find gifts that tell a story, and let’s rally together to shape a brighter future. Your presence is the magic touch we’re looking forward to. See you there!

(Stay tuned! We'll be sharing the ticket link with you shortly.)


Sitting at Kya Sand and watching the last of the kids wave their goodbyes, we're engulfed in reflections of the incredible week that just unfolded. Every team that joins us at Build The Future brings its unique energy and vibrancy. This group had an insatiable hunger - a zest for community, knowledge, love, giving, prayer, and an unmistakable passion for God. Right from the get-go, their generous hearts shone through, inquiring about how best to support Build The Future.

Their presence at the school was remarkable, intertwining seamlessly with our routines and enriching every interaction. They effortlessly eased into roles, providing both comic relief and invaluable educational insights in the classrooms. The highlight? A lively physical education course outdoors, showcasing how effortlessly God channels individual talents. Deborah had cheerful company in the kitchen while Patrick's garden witnessed a cabbage-clearing spree, enabling EVERY PARENT to go home with fresh produce. The team's collaborative spirit also resurrected the garden's shade netting, fortified fences, and made light work of tasks that usually challenge solo efforts.

Amidst all the hard work, there was no lack of fun! Dance-offs, abundant laughter, warm hugs, and snuggles galore made every day special. Their Women's Day visits to Rise Against Hunger & Constitution Hill were enriched with a surprise appearance by RAH's CEO and an engaging tour by Bulegwa.

Heartwarmingly, during free moments, the team naturally gravitated towards each other. Our game drive at Rhino & Lion was a roaring success (pun intended!), with giraffe feeding sessions and multiple sightings. The celebrations also included a milestone 18th birthday, soulful worship sessions, and a moving poolside baptism ceremony for six team members led by an incredible trip leader, Nate Perkins, and the talented Joshua Korn.

Our visit to Grace Bible Church's 40th anniversary and a memorable meal at Nando's added to the experiences. As did the music-infused preschool party and intimate community tours by Elizabeth. Our final day was a blend of arts and crafts and farewells at the Glass Village Market. The live glassblowing mesmerized many, and as we wrapped up with pizzas at Cradle Moon, the looming airport goodbye felt bittersweet.


Venture with us beyond familiar horizons and step into an expedition where your actions spark significant change. We invite you to join hands with Build The Future, an organization driven with passion and purpose, committed to creating brighter futures in South Africa. With us, travel is more than just seeing a place—it’s about rolling up your sleeves, connecting deeply, and making a genuine difference in the lives of the communities we serve.

Our 2024 expeditions aren’t just tours; they’re immersive experiences designed to transform both the traveler and the community. Rooted in the spirit of Build The Future, each journey is an opportunity for hands-on involvement, where you can actively participate in our impactful projects and witness the change first-hand.

To translate our vision for these trips into seamless experiences, we’ve joined forces with Afrika Adventures, our U.S.-based affiliate. They meticulously handle the logistics, from participant sign-ups to in-country travel details, ensuring you can focus on the transformative work alongside Build The Future.

We're ecstatic to announce our 2024 offerings: APRIL JOBURG+DURBAN EXPEDITION: Sat, Apr 27 - Tue, May 7, 2024*, $2300 JULY EDUCATION EXPEDITION: Sat, Jul 20 - Sun, Jul 28, 2024*, $1900 AUGUST DURBAN EXPEDITION: Sat, Aug 31 - Sun, Sep 8, 2024*, $1900

*When traveling from the U.S., please note: Departure: You'll leave a day before the start date of the expedition. Arrival back to the U.S.: Expect to arrive home a day after the listed end date due to flight durations and time zone differences.

Our Expeditions:

  • Are limited to 24 individuals to ensure an intimate, impactful experience.

  • Include in-country essentials like transport, lodging, meals, excursions, and more.

  • Offer the freedom to book your own flights, gives you the flexibility to choose your airline, pay with points, pick your seat, and choose how you want to travel.

  • Provide insights and suggestions if you choose to extend your South African adventure.

Ready to Dive In? Become a part of an expedition that goes beyond tourism, one that carves out legacies and redefines adventures. Prepare to be inspired, moved, and leave a lasting impact. Discover more and join us here.

Thank you for being an essential part of our story. As we continue to weave tales of impact and unity, we're eager for the chapters yet to unfold. Here's to the adventures ahead. Until our next update, stay safe, stay inspired.

Phillip, Clive & Baylee

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