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AUGUST 2020: Update from Phillip and Clive

Amid the COVID-19 coronavirus global crisis.

We are happy to share that the number of new Covid-19 cases continue to decrease daily here in South Africa, and our lock-down restrictions have dropped to Level 2. By the grace of God, our families and our staff have remained well. Although international travel is still banned, Level 2 allows us to move freely between provinces, which helps us greatly, allowing both of us to travel back and forth between our projects, working together in both Durban and Johannesburg.

Our outreach in Ndwedwe continues to grow as the needs arise. Recently Tembe’s wife, who most simply call “Mama,” inquired if we could help buy a tub to bathe some local children. We realized she has been feeding these children as well. So we purchased a stove, utensils, pots, pans, and gas along wih the tub. We have provided her with Rise Against Hunger meals, and she adds veggies from the garden and often makes a sauce or gravy to go with it. Through Build the Future’s support, Mama provides for eight families, about 25 to 30 kids who aren’t in school right now.

We have exciting news! We have taken on another preschool in Ndwedwe. After losing the building where they were meeting, their only option was to meet outside. Instead, they will become part of the Build the Future family. We are currently clearing the land for a container, building a playground, and putting in a water tank. We will be inheriting 30 to 40 children already registered at the school.

Thanks to a donation from Chris Hartenstein of Hartco, we have been working on Tembe’s new home. One of the main buildings is nearing completion. Although we are sad that Chris and his team could not come and help us build this year because of the pandemic, we have been able to continue and provide some needed employment in the community. We were able to hire about five men from the community who are doing the building.

Currently, there are about 30 to 40 kids back at the preschool in Kya Sand. So far, only the 5 & 6-year-olds have been attending. The younger kids get to return the beginning of September, and everyone is ready to have them back! The time with just the older kids allowed everyone to get used to the new procedures; sanitizing and masks and temperatures. Thanks to Elizabeth’s leadership, it’s running smoothly, and the kids are happy, being fed, and educated.

We are so grateful for your continued support that has allowed us to continue paying staff, feeding families, and expanding our reach even amid this unprecedented pandemic. For those who may be interested, we have two new fundraising opportunities we want to share with you.

Fire Extinguishers Shack fires are a severe hazard in the informal settlements and townships in South Africa. Often built with highly flammable materials and no access to running water, shacks constructed very close to each other make it difficult for fire trucks to reach the fires to battle them. Small fires can spread quickly, taking lives and hundreds of homes. The Put It Out mini fire extinguisher is a safe and cost-effective one-time use fire extinguisher that could save so many.

Until the end of October, we will be raising funds to supply each of our staff and students’ families with a Put It Out mini fire extinguisher for their homes. $30.00 will buy 10 Put It Out mini fire extinguishers. We will use any funds raised in this campaign beyond what we need to provide for our staff and students toward fire extinguishers to distribute to the community.

Soccer Balls

For years we have watched as traditional soccer balls brought over by teams popped and disintegrated. Then, in 2018, we received a donation of ten unpoppable One World Futbols. They are amazing!! One World Play Project developed these unpoppable, ultra-durable soccer ball for youth living in harsh conditions where ordinary soccer balls don’t last long. Designed to withstand the most challenging playing conditions, it never needs a pump and never goes flat, even when punctured. In the photos below, the girls at Waterfall school even use the balls to play netball! We need more balls, and it only makes sense to get balls that are going to last. Each ball costs $25, and we’d like to raise enough to purchase 100 balls.

As promised, Clive and I will l be answering questions and giving updates in our new video series called Conversations with Phillip and Clive. We hope you enjoy this video of Clive.

Phillip & Clive

Thank you for your continued support of our mission!

And as always, If you would like to provide financial support, please go to

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