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April 2023 Update

As anticipation builds for our upcoming trips, we're eager to bring you the latest news and developments from our communities. We believe staying connected is more important than ever, and we're thrilled to share these exciting updates with you.


We love sharing this heartwarming story from Clive and Teresa, who recently went on an errand to pick up chairs from a moving sale. Little did they know that their simple task would become a wonderful opportunity for one of our preschools. While conversing with the homeowner, Teresa mentioned Clive's passion and work with Build The Future. Upon learning this, the generous lady was touched and decided to donate a large collection of toys for the kids! Clive, with a heart full of gratitude, wasted no time in delivering the treasure trove of playthings to Deli and the excited children at Preschool 3. A simple reminder that acts of kindness, no matter how small, can bring joy and positive change to the lives of others.


Thanks to Principal Elizabeth's diligent efforts and valuable local partnerships, our Kya Sand students in Johannesburg received their measles vaccines amid a measles outbreak in South Africa. We are grateful for Elizabeth's leadership in ensuring the safety and well-being of the children.

The essence of good community development lies in fostering independence and self-reliance, and under the faithful guidance of Phillip, our projects in Johannesburg have flourished. Even as Phillip and Baylee have transitioned to living in KZN, the Kya Sand Preschool, managed by the dedicated Elizabeth, and the feeding program in Soweto, run by the committed duo Alice and Mavis, are thriving. The steadfast investment in these projects and people has resulted in a level of self-sufficiency that genuinely exemplifies the goals of community development. Dedicated to their passion for community empowerment, Phillip and Baylee will still spend a week or so of each month in Johannesburg to maintain strong connections with the projects and the people they have come to cherish. The success of Kya Sand Preschool and the feeding program in Soweto is a testament to the collective effort of the entire community.


The progress at Preschool 4, also known as Bhungeni Crèche continues. The roofs for the two classrooms and kitchen have been installed, the much-anticipated playground equipment is scheduled for delivery this week, and construction on the toilets will commence in the coming days.

At the heart of these achievements is Thobani, who has diligently managed the Bhungeni Crèche project from the very beginning while also juggling the demands of his growing business. Clive has stepped in to serve as a mentor as Thobani's business expands, offering guidance and support in daily business administration and finance. This partnership has proven to be an incredible blessing for both men, fostering a relationship built on mutual respect, learning, and a shared passion for community development.

As we look ahead, we can't wait for the arrival of the Whelan family and their friends in July, when together, we will dedicate the preschool and celebrate the memory of their son, Joe, whose legacy will continue to touch the lives of countless children and families through the lasting impact of Bhungeni Crèche. We are grateful for their support and look forward to witnessing the success of Preschool 4 and the positive influence it will have on the community.


We are excited to announce a new partnership with "I Am Global Academy" (IAGA) aimed at bringing English tutoring to our teachers. IAGA's unique approach to language learning emphasizes a more conversational environment, focusing on building not only the English competence of their students but also their confidence and character. By shifting the learning paradigm away from rote memorization, IAGA encourages students to guide conversations, share opinions, and lead others with their voices and choices.

Understanding the immense benefits of enhancing our teachers' English language capabilities, we have chosen to bring this innovative program to our educators. The impact of improved language skills will not only enrich their lives but will also have an immeasurable trickle-down effect on the young students they teach. We will begin this initiative with our teachers at Kya Sand, starting with Elizabeth.

We are currently looking for dedicated tutors to make this partnership a success. All you need is a passion for what we're doing, a willingness to engage, and the time and commitment to see it through. If you want to make a difference and join this exciting program, click here to learn more and sign up. Together, we can empower Build The Future teachers and students to reach their full potential.


The garden at Waterfall is flourishing, as showcased in two delightful videos we've included in this newsletter. In the first video, you'll see Phillip, our connoisseur of all things veggie, relishing the fresh produce and attesting to its exceptional quality. The second video features Clive, our brave bug-buster, coming to the rescue of Phillip and Baylee as they encounter a "scary" garden insect! These lighthearted moments remind us of the joy and the lasting bonds formed as we pursue our calling together. Watch the videos for a good laugh and a peek into the thriving garden at Waterfall!

We look forward to sharing more with you in May. In the meantime, stay safe and keep in touch.

Phillip, Clive & Baylee

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