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APRIL 2020: Update from Phillip and Clive

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Amid the COVID-19 coronavirus global crisis.

Coming back from Pik-n-Pay

We are now on day 12 of a very strict 21-day lock-down put in place by the South African government. Although the weather is beautiful in Ballito, we can't go out, even for a walk - groceries and the pharmacy only. Although we cannot go out to our communities, we are doing all we can to support them. We continue to pay all of our staff, those that run the feeding program in Soweto, all the preschool staff at Kya Sand preschool, and the projects in Ndwedwe. We are staying in touch by phone.

The ladies running the feeding program have had to close until they can figure out a way to serve the community while keeping both themselves and the community safe. In Kya Sand, the garden is still tended to, and Elizabeth checks on the school. In a community like Kya Sand, a complete lock-down, expecting people to stay inside their shacks, is extremely difficult. We continue to pray that the virus does not get a foothold and that they would be protected/spared.

In Ndwedwe, we are grateful to have Tembe on our team. He is a community leader and, therefore, can move about more easily during the lock-down, taking care of his community. Before the lockdown went into effect, we went grocery shopping and helped Tembe set up a food pantry in our storeroom at the school. He will be able to distribute food to the community as needed during the crisis. He is also tending the garden, which should be ready for harvest just as the lock-down is ending. Simon continues to cut the trees for the fence posts, building up the supplies for when we can start putting up the fence. Luckily, the lock-down does not hamper him since the trees are on his property. And planning for the farm continues via phone and video chats.

We want to say thank you for continuing to support us during this uncertain time. We know that this is a crisis that is affecting both of our countries, and we pray that it ends soon.

Phillip & Clive

Thank you for your continued support of our mission!

And as always, If you would like to provide financial support, please go to

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