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March 2023 Update

Updated: Sep 15, 2023


On February 18th, I married Baylee Waterman in Cincinnati, Ohio. We first met on a Crossroads Church Go trip last year and quickly realized that our connection was something special. After seven months of dating across the globe, we have now moved in together in KwaZula-Natal, near Clive, to be more involved as the projects continue to grow (we'll spend time in Johannesburg regularly as well). We are excited to have her join our team at Build the Future, bringing her sales, recruiting and ministry experience with her. With Baylee's help, you may notice our social media presence becoming more vibrant and engaging. We are so happy to begin this journey together, and we thank you for your congratulations and well wishes!


We are incredibly excited to announce that Preschool 4, otherwise known as Bhungeni Crèche, has been generously funded by the Whelan Family in memory of their son, Joe. The preschool construction has already begun thanks to our micro-entrepreneur-supported block-making business, which Thobani runs. Thobani and his team worked tirelessly to make over 2000 blocks for the preschool, which were then cured and delivered to the building site. The foundations for the school and kitchen have been dug and laid, and the walls are going up. The surrounding perimeter fence is also complete. We are thrilled to bring this preschool to life and provide a safe, nurturing environment for the children of the community. We are incredibly grateful to the Whelan Family for their support and generosity.


We have news to share from Build The Future's Preschool 3 project - Deli, and the Bhidakhona preschool is now up to 57 students (although weather conditions can sometimes affect attendance.) We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a classroom container for our students. The footers for the container have been prepared and ready, and we anticipate it arriving sometime in May. We are exercising patience as we wait, but we are excited to provide our students with a larger and more comfortable learning environment.


The bees are buzzing, and the hive is doing well at Tembe's farm! And new hive boxes are on their way to make harvesting easier for bees and humans. The crops in the fields are also doing well. All the damaged netting destroyed during the flooding last April has been removed from the greenhouse structures, and the timbers are being treated. After treatment, the timbers will be covered with industrial-type netting to prevent further wind damage.


The Waterfall garden tended to by Khuzwayo (Simon) and his wife Fisani (Doreen), is a blessing to the community in more ways than one. Not only does it serve as a teaching garden, where members of the community can learn valuable agricultural skills, but it also provides produce for those who need it. The growing season here is year-round, so once a crop has yielded, we plow and replant. Khuzwayo and Fisani tend to the garden with such love and care, and we are thankful to have them. The garden continues to be a source of nourishment, knowledge, and hope for the community, and we are eager to see what it can produce in the future.

We look forward to sharing more with you in April. In the meantime, stay safe and keep in touch.

Phillip, Clive & Baylee

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