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The work is never done when you have the ambition to feed and educate a nation. We are always searching for effective ways to connect our communities with a future they are proud to call their own.

Build the Future currently operates in two areas of South Africa – Johannesburg and Durban. Near Johannesburg, we run a feeding program in Soweto and a preschool in the informal settlement of Kya Sand. We have two+ preschools, a makers market, and a teaching garden near Durban in Ndwedwe.


There are plans for a new site in KwaZulu-Natal, with a container preschool and farming project, but the list doesn't stop there.

Commercial Farming

Ndwedwe, KZN

Starting a cooperative commercial farming project, working with local families in the Ndwedwe area in KZN.

Pre-School  Borehole

Ndwedwe, KZN

Drilling boreholes for two water wells, one at the preschool/school locations, and the other at the farming project.

Maker's Market Workshop

Ndwedwe, KZN

We are expanding our Maker's Market Workshop at our Ndwedwe preschool. This market offers our communities members a stable source of income from honing their crafts.

Building a
Homework Lab

Soweto, GAU

Putting a library and homework centre at our Soweto feeding program in Johannesburg, as well as sporting facilities for the kids and community.

Building 3
brand new

Ndwedwe, KZN

We are currently building three new preschools in the Ndwedwe area that need assistance with food. We are considering taking them under our wings and adopting them as part of the Build The Future umbrella.


Whether you are a corporate enterprise looking for a spectacular day under the African sun building your team morel, a traveller searching for fulfillment or in the fortunate position to sponsor a meal, child or teacher, BTF has a place for you.

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